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Diversion of water from the Great Lakes is a controversial issue. Many worry that diversion could affect life in the ecosystem. Others worry about obtaining sources of fresh water for drinking. (Photo by Brandon Bankston)

Great Lakes governors and their counterparts in Canada are working on a legal agreement called Annex 2001. The document will determine how water from the Great Lakes will be used and who gets to use it. Controversy has already erupted over the possibility of one city's bid for the water. The city is looking toward the completed Annex for guidance. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Christina Shockley reports:

The Council of Great Lakes Governors' site on the Annex 2001 Agreement

A related GLRC story about potential benefits of Annex 2001

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Producer: Christina Shockley
Release Date: February 7, 2005
Running Time: 4:26

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