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Unlocking the secrets in our cells (Part 5)

Unlocking the secrets in our cells (Part 5)

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Dr. Madhuri Kakarala looking at stem cells from human breast tissue. Women voluntarily donate their tissue after various breast surgeries for research. (Photo by Mark Brush/Michigan Radio)

Host: Rebecca Williams
Show date: 03/09/2012


There have been breakthroughs in treating cancer, but what about preventing it in the first place?

In 1970, the nation launched a “War on Cancer.” The goal was to cure it in 25 years, but back then, researchers didn’t know what we know now. That cancer is a disease of our genes… “a distorted version of our normal selves” as Nobel Prize winner Dr. Harold Varmus said.

In the final part of our week-long series, I visited some researchers at the University of Michigan's Comprehensive Cancer Center who are looking deep into our cells for answers.


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