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Wolf Forum & Asian Carp Smuggling

Wolf Forum & Asian Carp Smuggling

Asian carp at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. (Photo courtesy of Flickr user Kate Gardiner)

Host: Rebecca Williams
Show date: 06/02/2011

The federal government says gray wolves in the Great Lakes states are no longer endangered, and they can come off the endangered species list. If that happens, the state would be in charge of managing the wolves.

The Department of Natural Resources is holding a forum in Marquette tomorrow. The DNRís inviting everyone from the farm bureau to conservation and hunting groups. The agency wants these groups to weigh in on the stateís wolf management plan.

Christopher Hoving is with the DNR. He says the plan would allow officials to shoot problem wolves. For example... if a wolf kills a cow or a sheep.

ďItís not something we like to do or want to do, but we canít have that behavior of killing sheep be spread throughout the population.Ē

He says under the state plan, Michigan residents can also kill a wolf thatís attacking their livestock or pets.

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This is the Environment Report.

State and federal agencies working to keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes recently laid out their plans for 2011.

These agencies are focused mainly on the waterways around Chicago, where the fish could get in from the Mississippi River basin to Lake Michigan.

But thereís another route for Asian carp. Theyíre riding on trucks... that are bringing live carp from fish farms in the South.

Two fish distributors were issued large fines this winter for bringing live Asian carp into Canada. Itís illegal.

Peter Payette has been covering this story... and Peter, youíve just gotten back from some of these live fish markets in Toronto. What did you see?

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