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No Rehab for Mute Swans?

No Rehab for Mute Swans?

A pair of mute swans. (Photo by Mary Hollinger, NESDIS/NODC biologist, NOAA)

Host: Rebecca Williams
Show date: 02/01/2011

You might recognize mute swans by their orange bill.

A lot of people love them.

But Michigan wildlife officials say there are too many mute swans in the state.

Barbara Avers is a waterfowl specialist with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. She says mute swans are not native to the U.S. – they were brought over from Europe in the 1800s. Basically – because they’re pretty.

“They’ve grown exponentially in Michigan. They’re kind of many times the bullies of the marsh.”

Avers says mute swans eat a huge amount of vegetation in lakes. They can push out native birds, such as the trumpeter swan. And she says mute swans can snap and charge at people.


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