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A House Made of Straw

A House Made of Straw

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Joe and Shelly Trumpey and their daughters, Autumn and Evelyn. The family built their strawbale and adobe home with straw, sand, clay, field stone, and timber - all sourced nearby. (Photo by Steve Charles, Wabash College)

Host: Rebecca Williams
Show date: 12/23/2010

Most of us live in buildings made out of wood, concrete, steel or bricks. But some people are making their homes with bales of straw.

One couple in Grass Lake, Michigan, has spent the past two and a half years building a very energy-efficient home with straw bales. And it’s not just some little novelty project. Joe and Shelly Trumpey live in it, with their two daughters.

If you’re thinking Big Bad Wolf... Joe’s heard that one just a few times.

“That’s the most common joke, three little pigs, exactly.”

The Last Straw, a site about building strawbale homes

A blog about the Trumpeys from Joe's alma mater


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