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Snyder Shuffles Environment Agencies

Snyder Shuffles Environment Agencies

Governor-elect Rick Snyder speaking at the Michigan Farm Bureau. (Photo by Lindsey Smith)

Host: Rebecca Williams
Show date: 12/02/2010

Governor-elect Rick Snyder is already shuffling things in Lansing. He’s planning to split up the Department of Natural Resources and Environment... back into two separate agencies.

If you’re already thinking: uh, why do I care?... these are the people in charge of protecting air and water quality, regulating farms, overseeing hunting and fishing. So, who’s in charge matters a lot.

Governor-elect Snyder’s decision is a reversal of an action by Governor Granholm. Granholm combined the Department of Natural Resources with the Department of Environmental Quality. Now, Governor-elect Snyder wants to split them apart again. Here’s what he said when he made the announcement this week:

“Protecting our env is absolutely critical. The issue we have to look at is how do you balance sound science with good economics?”


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