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Recycling Schools

Recycling Schools

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Joel Landy (center) bought the Malcolm X Academy in midtown Detroit. He's rehabbing the school and turning it into a music space, with areas for rehearsals, a recording studio and a concert venue. Ben Christenson (left) and one of his band mates talk with Landy about renting some space. (Photo by Jennifer Guerra)

Host: Rebecca Williams
Show date: 11/30/2010

A lot of Michigan’s big cities are shrinking. People have left the state to find work. Others have moved their families to the suburbs. As Jennifer Guerra reports... that has left a lot of urban school districts with empty school buildings. But instead of tearing the buildings down, some districts want to recycle them:

Detroit Public School real estate page

How the Lansing school district reuses its empty schools

Article on school reuse around the country

Another school Joel Landy bought and turned into a theater


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