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Biggest Land Protection Deal in Michigan

Biggest Land Protection Deal in Michigan

The mouth of the Two Hearted River in the Upper Peninsula. Because of the new land protection deal, much of the Two Hearted watershed is now protected. (Photo by Heidi Raatz)

Host: Rebecca Williams
Show date: 09/23/2010

The Nature Conservancy calls it "The Big U.P. deal." And they're not kidding. It's 271,000 acres of land in the Upper Peninsula. It protects 660 lakes and 52,000 acres of wetlands. The deal limits development on the land.

"It's permanent public access for fishing and berry picking and hiking, and you could forever. That's the wonderful thing about it," says the state director of the Nature Conservancy in Michigan, Helen Taylor. More about the Big UP Deal A related story about Hemingway's Michigan More about Keith Taylor

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