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Selling Asian Carp to China

Selling Asian Carp to China

Commercial fisherman Gary Shaw shows off his silver and big head Asian carp, just before handing them off to Big River Fish, an Illinois company that has landed a major contract to send carp to a Chinese food company. (Photo courtesy of Ross Harano)

Host: Rebecca Williams
Show date: 08/10/2010

This little Asian carp went to market....

This is the Environment Report. I’m Rebecca Williams.

You probably know Illinois wants to stop Asian carp from getting into Lake Michigan. Biologists say one solution would be to fish the carp out of the Illinois River at a big, commercial scale. That way they won't expand their feeding range to Chicago, the Great Lakes and beyond - at least, they hope. Entrepreneurs in Illinois want to get rich off Asian carp.

A draft plan to control Asian carp
An Environment Report story about another Asian carp entrepreneur

More info about the new carp deal


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