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The Environment Report has been following Matt and Kelly Grocoff in their effort to make their Ann Arbor home the oldest net-zero house in America. That means in a year the home will produce as much energy or more than it uses. Matt wanted to show that making an older home an energy efficient showcase made more sense than building new.

Oldest Net Zero House in America (12/21/10)

The Environment Report has been following an effort to make a Michigan house the oldest net-zero house in America. That means in a year the home will produce as much energy or more than it uses. Lester Graham reports... the owners are at the point they can reach that goal.

Getting Fresh Air into an Air Tight House (11/16/10)

Matt Grocoff's home is 110-years-old. It was originally heated by coal... and had no insulation. Coal was cheap... so you could stoke that furnace all day long without much worry about heat escaping. These days energy is more expensive... and there are concerns about using fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

Greenovation: A Hot Roof and a Cool Attic (11/9/10)

Matt Grocoff is getting close to his goal. He's been sealing up his drafty old house, restoring and tightening the windows, insulating everywhere possible. But he's got to make a change. The house is so tight, he now needs an air exchanger to get some fresh air circulating, otherwise, the air would get too stale - too much CO2 and not enough oxygen.

Greenovation: Solar Panels Hit Some Red Tape (9/14/10)

Matt Grocoff already has done a lot to make his home energy efficient. He's insulated, tightened, and installed really efficient heating and cooling in his 110 year old house in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Having reduced his energy use, he was ready to start installing a way to produce energy: solar panels.

Greenovation: New Storm Windows (7/27/10)

The old windows in Matt's house were drafty, but he didn't like the idea of all the resources, energy and cost that replacing the windows meant. He got some help and took them apart, got them working right, painted them, and sealed the window panes the gaps. Today is the big test.

Greenovation: Fixing Old Windows (7/6/10)

There are a lot of ads out there encouraging you to replace those old drafty windows and get new energy efficient windows, but if you've got an older house, you might be able to refurbish your old windows, save some money and save energy. Lester Graham talked with Greenovation.TV's Matt Grocoff. Grocoff is working to make his house the oldest net-zero energy home in America.

Saving Energy with Auto Switches (5//6/10)

Saving energy can be as simple as turning off the light switch when you leave a room. But in most homes... that doesn't happen all the time. Motion sensing light switches are becoming more popular because they'll switch on and off automatically.

Greenovation: Spray Foam Your Home (4/28/10)

When people talk about making their home energy independent, they often talk about solar panels and wind turbines. But before all of that, a home has to be tight. That's not as exciting, but necessary. Lester Graham follows's Matt Grocoff as he tries to make his home the oldest net-zero-energy house in America.

Greenovation: The Great Floor Debate (3/15/10)

The popular eco-friendly products are not always the best solution. Lester and's Matt Grocoff drop in on Matt's neighbor to help him with his hardwood floor dilemma.

Greenovation: Eco-Certified (1/6/10)

When you're planning a home improvement project, you can be overwhelmed with decisions about the right materials, the right quality, and the right design. Trying to keep it eco- friendly on top of everything else just adds to the confusion. Lester Graham reports it can be as simple as finding a label.

Greenovation: The Re-Use Store (12/3/09)

Home improvement projects cost a lot of money. Some environmentalists have found a way to save some money, conserve resources, and help other people get into homes.

Low Flow Showers Put to the Test (11/5/09)

Even if it meant saving a lot of hot water, many people would rather stick with their old showerheads. That's because low-flow showerheads often don't measure up. Lester Graham met up with Greenovation TV's Matt Grocoff to put new showerheads to the test.

Greenovation: Low-Flow Toilets (9/16/09)

The Environmental Protection Agency has a new water saving program called Water Sense. It's similar to the Energy Star label for electronics. To get the Water Sense program's endorsement, toilets must use less water. But, people have been complaining about the old style low-flow toilets since they were first required in the mid-1990s.

Greenovation: Whole House Fan (8/13/09)

Energy efficiency is on the mind of a lot of homeowners. They're starting to question everything about their homes, even the need for air conditioning. Lester Graham met with some homeowners and an energy-efficiency expert to talk about a different approach to cooling a house.

Teaching an Old House New Tricks (5/19/08)

Environmentally friendly architecture is becoming very common. Architects are designing innovative, cutting edge, energy-efficient homes, using renewable resources. But, Lester Graham reports on another approach that recycles an entire house.