Is Race Behind Effort to Block Development?

The battle of the Humbug Marsh is being fought just south of Detroit.
Developers have said they want to build upscale homes near the last stretch
of undeveloped wetland on the U-S side of the Detroit River.
Environmentalists are lobbying to defeat the deal. But developers say race
is the real reason for opposition to the project. The Great Lakes Radio
Consortium’s Jerome Vaughn has more:

Biologist Fosters Bald Eagle’s Return

In the 1960’s, the bald eagle was in trouble. There were only about 4
hundred birds living in the U-S And in some states, pollution had wiped
them out altogether. But the bald eagle has made an impressive comeback.
The U-S Fish and Wildlife Service recently announced plans to remove it from
the endangered species list. As the Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Karen
Kelly reports, it’s good news for the scientists who fought to save this

Unusual Clouds Indicating Climate Change?

Some unusual clouds were spotted over parts of the western United States
this summer. Those who have seen them say they’re strangely beautiful;
they’re visible only at night, and appear silvery-white and luminous.
They’re called noctilucent (knock-til-loo-cent) clouds. But as the Great
Lakes Radio Consortium’s Wendy Nelson reports, the clouds may be a sign that
all’s not well in the upper atmosphere:

Battle Lines Drawn for the Round Goby

  • A plan by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is intended to stop invasive species from traveling between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi river and its tributaries.

The government is trying to stop an invader from expanding from the GreatLakes into the Mississippi River system. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’sLester Graham reports… the field of battle is a small channel nearChicago:

Educating Parents About Mercury

Over the years, parents have become more aware of the dangers in their ownhomes. So they keep kids away from things like pesticides, electricalcords, and plastic bags. Still, most people remain unaware of another threatfrom a common household item. Ironically, it may be the first thing youreach for when your child is sick. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s WendyNelson reports: