Relatives Return to the &Quot;Lucerne"

The story of the sinking of the 200 foot long wooden cargo ship"Lucerne" has the familiar tone of other shipwrecks…caught in a Novemberstorm on Lake Superior, it went down with all hands. But this summer, aface was put to that 19th century wreckage, as the family of the"Lucerne’s" captain came to Wisconsin to dive the site and bid him afinal goodbye. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Mike Simonson hastheir story:

Saving the Piping Plover

In the Great Lakes region there are maybe two dozen nesting pairs of asmall shorebird called the piping plover.Wildlife specialists and volunteers are working hard to prevent the birdfrom disappearing. In the Sleeping Bear Dunes area of Michigan, theykeep watch over new nests on a remote beach at the tip of the Leelanaupeninsula. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Bob Allenreports: