Wolf Management Plan Stumbles

Last June, Interior Secretary Bruce Babbit announced he wanted to remove thetimber wolf from the Endangered Species list because of dramatic populationrebounds in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. But before that can happen,each state must come up with a plan to manage the populations. Wisconsinand Michigan already have draft plans ready for public comment. ButMinnesota is lagging behind. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s StephanieHemphill reports:

Landfill Golf Takes Off

For years, developers have been have been re-using old dumps by buildingover them. Some of these projects have been successful. The HarborsideInternational Golf Center in Chicago, built over a landfill, is one of themost popular in the city. But other cities have been forced to CLOSElandfill golf courses. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Julie GrantCooper reports on the first landfill golf courses in Ohio, and the lessonsits developers are learning from older projects:

Controversy Over Nat’l Park Lease Agreement

For two decades, the park service has worked to return populated areas back to their natural state through a policy of land purchases and lease backs. In 1970, federal legislation designated more than seventy-thousand acres of land along Michigan’s northwestern coast as a national park. In most cases, the park service allowed those residents to "lease-back" their properties for as many as 40 years. But now that many of their leases have expired, many residents are refusing to leave. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Wendy Nelson reports: