The Deer Hunter

Just south of Lake Superior, Nick Van Der Puy and his friends hunt deer the old fashioned way, from a tent-camp deep in the Wisconsin north-woods. Van Der Puy remembers one hunt when he tangled with a big buck:

Emissions Trading Program

At last month’s (December, 1997) global warming conference in Kyoto Japan, delegates recommended emissions trading as one way to reduce global pollution by greenhouse gases. It would allow individual countries to trade or sell the right to pollute to other nations. In Chicago, the city is using its own emissions trading program to boost economic development and improve air quality. But after two years, the program’s results have been mixed. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Steve Frenkel has more:

Great Printers Project

One third of our nation’s printing industry is concentrated in eight Great Lakes states. While the industry contributes millions to the region’s economy, it also contributes air and water pollution from the printing process. In an effort to curb pollution, an eclectic group of industry reps, environmentalists, and government officials formed the Great Printers Project. The project targeted printers in four Great Lakes states to encourage them to voluntarily reduce pollution at their shops. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Mary Boyle examines its impact:

Preserving Chicago’s Calumet Region

The Calumet Region lies just south of Chicago on the southern tip of Lake Michigan. It’s widely known as one of the nation’s most polluted areas. But what’s not widely known is that it’s also home to endangered birds and valuable wetlands. Now residents and environmentalists are hoping that the fifty-square-mile area will soon be designated as a national park. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Steve Frenkel reports:

Big Freighters Keeps Shipping Mystique Alive

As Great Lakes shipping changes over time, there is still something about it that draws spectators to the docks – the big ships themselves, which thrill sightseers with their vastly different sense of scale. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Eileen Wray McCann spent a few days aboard the American Steamship Company freighter, the Walter J. McCarthy, Jr., and offers this perspective:

Resurgence in Shipping as Romance Fades

This month, after more than a decade of painful recovery, predominant U.S. shipping companies on the Great Lakes are reporting healthy profits and record cargo volumes. With a new head of steam, the industry has sailed from an age of derring-do romance into an era of bottom-line financial success. But as the Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s J. Carl Ganter reports, the financial success has removed much of the modern romance from the industry: